Toddler Dance

Starting your little one young is the perfect way to introduce them into a structured learning environment. Teachers use age appropriate music as well as interactive story telling and props to keep the littlies engaged and make sure they are having lots of fun. This class helps build your little one's confidence, focus and most importantly; their friendships. Our class will teach your child how to listen and follow the teacher's instructions along with the basic dance fundamentals.


Classical Ballet classes are highly recommended for all students as ballet technique is the core to every dance style. It teaches good posture, strong technique, flexibility and discipline. Ballet as well as all styles helps boost your child's focusing ability and memory.

Contemporary / Lyrical

Contemporary and Lyrical is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres. The Lyrical element in our class focuses on students connecting to the story line of their routines and telling the audience a story with their expression and performance.


Our Jazz classes are fun, upbeat classes that teach our students strong dance technique, strength and flexibility while learning sharp, strong movements and choreography.


Tap is a fun style of dance which focuses on rhythm and musicality as well as technique. This class helps build your child's focus and co-ordination while having lots of fun!


Acrobatics is so much fun and is a great class to grow your child's confidence as well as strength and flexibility. Students learn numerous tumbling preperations and tricks as well as dance fundamentals and techniques.


Cheerleading is so much fun and is a great class if your child enjoys dancing and gymnastics. Students works as a team and learn tumbling fundamentals and tricks as well as cheerleading lifts/stunting. They also learn dance fundamentals and techniques.

Vocal Group

If your child loves to sing, this is the class for them! In Vocal Group not only will your child learn safe singing techniques to help support the development of their voice, but they will also learn basic music theory & vocal anatomy. This class will also encourage them to develop performance techniques that will help their confidence thrive and flourish.

Musical Theatre

During our musical theatre classes students learn acting, singing and dancing techniques all in the one class. This class is super fun, students get to use their imagination and creativity while learning new skills.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a great style to shake up your child's skills by learning fun and funky choreography to music they love while inproving the fitness, confidence, memory and focus levels all at the same time.

Stretch, Strength & Technique

Our stretch and strength class is highly recommended for all studnets! The class is designed to help students strengthen their bodies and increase their flexibility using techniques which will help their dancing. Students also learn about the way their bodies work which helps them focus on correct posture and alignment and will help prevent injury.

Competition Classes

We offer one on one dance or singing lessons in all styles. During these classes students learn solos to perform at competitions and fun community events where they are supported by their teachers and peers. This gives them the opportunity to perform up on the stage and meet other dancers from across Melbourne.

Adult Dance Classes

Whether you are someone who is looking for a new, fun way to get fit or you are wanting to reignite your childhood passion for dance our adults classes are for you. You will see on our timetable that we offer a range of dance and fun group fitness classes. Our classes are designed for beginners through to those who are more advanced. No standards or age limits apply!

Adults Fitness Classes

Looking for a new, fun way to get fit? Our Barre Fitness and Boot Camp classes are for you! Combining strength work, pilates, ballet, stretching and cardio these classes will have you sweating, working hard and kicking your fitness goals while having a blast! Our classes are designed for beginners through to those who are more advanced. No standards or age limits apply!


Drama is new to ELS in 2022 and we can’t wait for you to experience this new class. Drama is a fantastic way to improve your child's confidence and public speaking skills! This class will consist of improvisation, monologues, acting games and so much more.

Bubba Boogie

Dads, Mums and Bubba's - are you ready for a new movement class just for your little one! ELS is introducing "Bubba Boogie" In 2023! These 30 minute classes will be a sensory playground of movement for our Bubba's to learn and explore. Bubbles, Scarfs, instruments and so much more for our littlest dancers to have so much fun with! These classes are suitable for bubbas 6 months to 18 months old before they transition into our Toddler Dance class.