The ELS uniform can be purchased from our uniform shop at the studio during specified opening hours. Click HERE to view our price list.

Second hand uniforms

There are also second hand uniforms available. Whether buying or selling, please send any enquiries to info@els-dance.com


Once enrolled all female ballet students need to purchase an electric blue leotard with theatrical pink ballet stockings and an electric blue ballet skirt. 

For the boys please purchase an electric blue singlet and black tights.

Ballet shoes are essential to all ballet classes.

Toddler classes have no set uniform however ballet shoes are recommended.

Jazz & musical theatre

For Hip Hop classes children need to purchase our electric blue singlet or leotard which they can wear with black shorts or pants.

Black & white converse high tops are to be worn for all hip hop students.


For Contemporary / Lyrical, Jazz and Musical Theatre classes your child needs to wear our electric blue leotard or singlet with tight black shorts or tights.

Foot thongs / undies must be worn for Contemporary / Lyrical

For Jazz and Musical Theatre students will need black slip on Jazz shoes.

For Tap please wear tanned buckled (girls) or black lace up (boys) tap shoes.